StripIain Clark Jewellery


I am a manufacturing jeweller based in Oamaru on the east coast of
New Zealands South Island.

At my facility I produce a wide range of rings from contemporary and
traditional styles through to the award winning Star Navigator series.
Having a full production capability repairs to rings, or for that matter any
item of jewellery or fine smith work, can be carried out for you.

Being hand made each piece is unique!

I also manufacture a range of “Steampunk” themed items that include:
the USB drives featured on this site; Star Navigator Rings; Cup holders and
other items that will be posted here as this site grows. My partner and I
(as Lady Helen and Agent Darling respectively) are actively involved within the Steampunk movement, in Oamaru and throughout New Zealand and the world.

So if you are after a head turning item of jewellery or uniquely crafted
object of your custom design or based upon one of mine, contact me for
a production quote.

Some pages have PDF data sheets for the displayed items available for you
to download and view or print to give you an off site reference for them.
These sheets will be posted “on site” as they are completed and will provide an indication of pricing, however being hand crafted - and often with a choice of metals and gems -  there is no standard pricing as these factors clearly affect the objects final value.

Email_icon57   Click the icon to send me an email with an enquiry or
   Phone me directly on 021 203 6852 or
   Landline +64 3 434 3334

All site prices are in whole dollars incuding GST.
Prices do not include freight or insurance.
This site is under constant revision, please check back to follow updates.