Star Navigator Series Rings

This page will soon show all available options, while it is being put together here are a few sample images of a Star Navigator series ring. Shown here below, left and right views, opened and the underside detail.

The Star Navigator Series of rings is inspired and based upon Ian Clark’s award winning “Matariki” Navigator Ring. Within each of the Star Navigator series of rings a range of available custom design selections are available. This and each rings meticulous hand crafting makes each Star Navigator ring an attractive and unique piece of jewellery.

There are a number of exciting options available to make your Star Navigator Ring into your special piece:

Firstly - What metals would you like your Star Navigator Ring to be made from (restrictions on unobtainium make this no longer an option) but any other precious metal would make an attractive alternative. Contrasting metal colours are always pleasing, like yellow and white or vise versa.

Secondly - What types of stones you would like? Some stones look better when set in some metals than others, while I always look for strong colours, these aren't always available due to the variable nature of  stone. As stones have to be cut to suit settings, there can be a period of time between placing an order and its completion, depending on availability.

Thirdly - There are a few things I need to know so I can get your ring perfect for you: Finger size, fitting size is important and needs to be known before the stones are set; If you would like other parts of the ring in contrasting metals and whether or not there is anything else you would like to add or alter, we can discuss this.

The surface of the Star Navigator rings are usually oxidized (darkened) this improves contrast in areas of high detail, however this process can be omitted if you prefer.

15-SN2-Closed-1   15-SN2-Closed-2

15-SN2-OpenAll  15-SN2-Under